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For You and Your Patients- Health Can't Wait

Friday, October 25, 2019  
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The Ingham County Medical Society is part of the Health Can’t Wait coalition, a growing and exciting partnership of patients, health care providers, and patient advocacy associations dedicated to putting Michigan patients first and ending delays in patients’ access to health care.

Health can’t wait. It’s a reality that physicians understand and too many patients experience. Tragically, insurance company bureaucracy too often stands between patients and the medicine, treatment, or testing physicians believe they need. Prior authorization, step therapy,  and fail first requirements hamstring treatment, drive up prescription nonadherence and lead to diminished health. 

According to the most recent data:

  • Prior authorization red tape is part of a staggering 92 percent of all care delays.
  • 73 percent of Michigan physicians report that prior authorization requirements force their patients to wait at least 1 business day before getting the treatment they need and
  • 38 percent of Michigan physicians report that prior authorization red tape forces patients to wait 3 or more days before getting the medicine or treatment they need.
  • 94 percent of Michigan physicians report that prior authorization red tape causes delays in care for their patients.
  • 97.5 percent of all first-time prior authorization requests are eventually approved. In other words, insurers are delaying patients’ access to care for essentially no reason.

Health Can’t Wait was created 
to defend patients against these costly, onerous, and dangerous payer practices. The initiative is bringing together the state’s leading physician and health care organizations to speak with a single, clear voice and tell policymakers it’s time to put Michigan patients first.

If you have patients that have 
experienced health care delays or denials because of the reckless use of prior authorization or step therapy, please encourage them to visit the Health Can't Wait website and share their story.  Your patients’  experiences matter most,  and they may make all the difference in the fight for reform.

You can learn more about the coalition and about ways you can personally get involved by visiting the coalition online at